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los huehuentones

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General info

State: Oaxaca

Varietal: Typica and Bourbon

Elevation: 1.600 - 1,900 masl

Processing method: Washed


The majestic Mazateca mountain range, peaking above 2000 masl, gets its name from its people, the indigenous Mazatecos. Their ancestral production techniques are free of chemicals and the coffee grows in agroforestry among other crops and trees.

Ensambles has set up a regional operation in la Mazateca to be able to buy parchment directly from nearby smallholders, while providing direct feedback and technical assistance in the field.

The term Huehues in nahuatl language refers to the older people. This is where the term huehuenton comes from, which refers to an old soul that dresses as the Sun to dance among the living. Huehuentones is a very traditional celebration in la Mazateca, where people dress up with wooden masks, leather pants and and hats made of hay. This is so the souls of the dead can join them in the celebration during the week of the dead.

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