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Bios Terra Institute is part of the Bios Comunidad Sustentable ecosystem

The Bios Terra Institute (IBT) is a research centre focused on regenerative agriculture, technological development, and knowledge management. It promotes the transfer and implementation of these practices in Mexican coffee-growing regions, cooperatives, and small-scale producers.

We are deeply committed to fostering a social, environmental, and economic transformation in vulnerable coffee-producing regions. To achieve this, we prioritise the implementation of environmentally friendly production systems, such as organic farming, syntropic agriculture, the keyline method, biodynamic practices, permaculture, and holistic approaches.

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Thanks to the support provided by our partner Nuup (which means "connection" in the indigenous Mayan language), we have achieved a greater positive impact on coffee farming families in the past year.

The technical assistance and our active presence throughout the entire production cycle in the field have resulted in improved coffee quality, which in turn has led to increased income to the families for their coffee.

Additionally, we promote the conservation of shade-grown productive areas and the cultivation of healthier and environmental-friendly food by implementing the transition process towards organic and biodynamic practices.


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