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El Equimite is part of the ecosystem of Bios Comunidad Sustentable

Located beneath the cloud forest, in the middle of mountains of Coatepec, our organic and biodynamic reserve flourishes as a living agricultural organism. Embracing a holistic vision, we actively foster land conservation, diversification, and sustainable production of food, all harmonised within the concept of a food forest.

Equimite is an applied research laboratory aiming to develop tools and technologies that limit and adapt to climate change. Of the 33 hectares, 10 are dedicated to biodiversity conservation and the remaining land are purposed to the production of vegetables, spices and coffee. In addition to our wealth of experience, we have been recognised by the Cup of excellence, in auctions and world barista championships.

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Equimite is an expanding centre, alongside with our ecolodge we provide visitors with experiential tours, ecotourism, coffee tastings, mixology, and more.


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